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If you sell a quality product at a good price, and are confident that buyers will want to return to buy more, and also tell friends and acquaintances about it, you just need to label your product with stickers with your company logo.


This is the most effective and inexpensive advertising of your company, which will work for you indefinitely. Favorite products with your company logo will always be in sight and remind you of yourself. Sticker with the logo of your company will spur the desire to come back and buy it from you !

Minimum quantity for industrial production of labels with your company logo. The roll of labels with a single-color logo becomes the most expensive-0.06 euros plus VAT.


22х12мм -  480 rolls of 1500 pcs.

26х12мм – 390 rolls of 1500 pcs.

26х16мм – 390 rolls of 1000 pcs.

If industrial volumes are too large, we have a special offer ! We can print 26x16mm stickers with single color logo of Your company with a minimum quantity of only 1000 Pcs ! Production time-24 hours !

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